Friday, 29 January 2016


Welcome to my new blog.

You may know me from my miserable attempt at a food blog: Rosenfood
I recently decided that trying to write a blog based solely on me finding the time to experiment in the kitchen just doesn't work in my life anymore. If you know me from my previous blog, then you know that 2015 is the year that our little Bear blessed us with a new life, new love and new handful of a job as parents. If you don't know me from there, hi new friend! If you're a parent, you'll most likely recognise the need to keep up with your pre-parenthood loves and passions but also the utter failure that is likely to ensue due to your very fulfilling and yet utterly time consuming, new life. As much as I've been trying to combine that with cooking and baking, I just don't find enough time to really do something on a regular basis, much less find the time to take pictures AND blog about it.

That being said, I definitely want to keep on blogging and keep you guys updated on all things food, Bear and everything in between. At the very least I want this blog to represent our life together with our precious and not so precious memories of raising our son and my husband! in the Netherlands. Quite specifically in Utrecht. Even though we're in the process of moving to a smaller town nearby, I will still be scouring the streets, canals and docks of Utrecht and beyond to help you find the perfect place to bring or not bring your little munchkin with of course the added bonus of me still finding the time to experiment in the kitchen every once in a while and bring you our most delicious meals and snacks.

I'll be taking some time now to set up this new blog but please do still head over to the old blog and don't forget to check out my new and improved Instagram feed.

Hope to see you soon!


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